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The new era of tiles is a professional production of interior walls, polished tiles, all cast glaze, super-glaze and marble brick large-scale modern ceramic enterprises. The company has product research and development centers, design centers and an area of ??1,500 acres of modern production base. As a company that has always insisted on technological innovation, the new era has introduced a large number of production equipment and technology, at present, has a total length of 486 meters burning time than the industry more than 30% of the new environmentally friendly kiln, 6 3200T press, Presses, 2 sets of glaze lines and other professional equipment, especially in the large size and roller printing manufacturing process has more than 10 years of experience. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, the new era is to establish their own new environmentally friendly energy base, not only save the cost, but also greatly enhance the competitiveness of products, more importantly, is conducive to environmental protection.

At present, the new era tiles have Enping new comprehensive production base of environmental protection, with the South China Sea Shishan Industrial Park 60000M2 large-scale logistics warehousing center, the annual production capacity of 32 million square meters, with a number of modern production lines, equipped with a full set of Italian SACMI automatic molding equipment , Large-scale wide-width roller kiln and a series of equipment. Moreover, with many ceramic enterprises is different from the production base into the advanced gas system, the real green production, fully embodies the new era of ceramic enterprises a high degree of social responsibility and environmental awareness.